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Written by David King
Monday 9:17 PM

Dear Brother in Christ:

Cougar Dating Tips
For the past 7-plus years, I have been studying, observing and trying virtually everything that I could get my hands on that was even remotely related to dating and relationships -- learning all of the little secrets that few knew, and even fewer who would tell you about them.

Let me tell you, all of the time, effort and money has paid off handsomely.

Yet, I see HUNDREDS of guys who haven't got a clue when it comes to christian dating and relationships -- particularly guys -- and they leave an amazing number of opportunties for a meaningful relationship unpersued.

I see so many guys who COULD have an opportunity to go out with a "knock out", drop-dead gorgeous Christian woman....if only they had a little coaching....a little encouragement in the right direction....some "how to" training on the practical points of dating and relationships.
"I have Found My Dream Girl"

David, I want to thank you for coming up such a simple yet spiritual guide for people like me, who are constantly in search for our dream woman but are not on the right track.

Through your guide, I have not only found my dream girl, but also become a better individual overall.

Your methods for developing one's confidence and better attitude were not only easy to follow, but also real fun to do. Giving examples to help us understand better the various personalities is a big boon for those who are struggling to find their dream woman.

Because of your book, I am now a more confident man, who has aims in life to fulfill.

Many thanks, it has been a literal godsend.

Peter D'Souza, Birmingham, England

I've spent a lot of time looking for a solution to this problem....

But it seemed I'd always run into the same problem over and over again -- that any dating and relationship advice offered by Christians was vague and VERY general -- even in the "new" bestselling Christian dating books.

.....It totally blew me away.
On one hand, we have Christian leaders telling us how important our relationships are, but nobody ever teaches EXACTLY how to start, develop and maintain a relationship in a practical way.

None of it EVER covered the practical stuff....what to do in this to react if she does this......what's going on when this happens.....and so on.

What we REALLY need is the ability to:

Know what the Lord has to say about your relationships -- in a personal, specific way that is unique to YOUR situation.

Develop a "Magnetic" that will have women running to you, where you can choose the one that's the best match for you.

Live in complete confidence, where you are able to interact with ANY woman -- regardless of how intimidatingly beautiful she is.

Pray correctly to gain access to the spiritual power available to us as Christians.

Walk with the Lord -- your relationship with the Lord will determine the success of your relationship with your girlfriend and future wife.

Attract only the women who are best suited for you.

Discern and approach women at exactly the right moment -- to maximize your success rate when asking them out.
......and we want this all to be very EASY!

Christian Dating Testimonials

"A Totally New Philosophy, a Flawless Method"

This is a revolutionary guide which talks about a totally new philosophy for finding your woman of dreams through "God's way" for Christians... but its beauty lies in its universal application.

This is a flawless method which talks about ways to develop your personality, character with right attitude apart from extremely helpful tips, tricks & advice to find the most attractive woman and how to win her heart.

Thumbs up for David king for explaining one the most intricate subjects in such simple but effective manner!

Gaurav, New Delhi, India

After all of this research, effort and money, I started to think....
.....if I'm this frustrated with what's being offered as dating and relationship advice -- how frustrated must all the other Christian guys be with the lack of available

christian dating

advice around?

Not every Christian guy has the time or money to invest trying to figure the whole "dating and relationship game" out. And you don't want the same old general advice that you've been given.

You want TWO main things:
  • all of the practical secrets about dating and relationships that you can put into practice TODAY!

  • an "all-in-one" blueprint of how you can find the woman of your dreams.

.....Both of which are perfectly reasonable demands -- especially with the importance of relationships.

So, I decided that, seeing as I couldn't get this information anywhere else, that I'd have to get it myself.... for my own personal use.

But, once you've found the woman of your dreams, you don't need to waste time looking anymore!

It didn't take long -- I had to give some of these tips to my friends -- most of them were almost on their knees, begging me for advice.
"The TRUE Meaning of Dating is Finally Revealed"

The true meaning of dating is finally revealed in the best dating eBook of 2008.

Dating is meant to find marriage which is the mistake most people make when looking for dates. It's not merely to fill a void in your life and shouldn't be treated as that or you'll never find your true love.

The first chapter teaches you how to become one with yourself and seek security and validation from the Lord. Dating is used solely as a means for you to find the woman that the Lord has in store for you and once you realize that you are on the right path.

The book is 100+ pages of guidance for the Christian to find his true love and how to go about finding your true love. You need to put your faith into the Lord and be assured you'll find the woman in store for you but all this is covered in detail in this magnificent eBook which I highly recommend anyone who is remotely Christian.

Scott Jack, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It took months of work to go through all of the information I had gathered over the years.

Hours were spent sifting through thousands of pages of notes, re-reading books, and recalling priceless conversations I had over the years with other Christian guys.

Continuous testing took place, as I carefully observed the results of the techniques that now make up this exclusive manual.

Week after frustrating week was spent refining all of this information -- polishing it until the information and techniques found inside were as clear and presentable as a rare diamond.

Of course, this manual covers the basics of dating and relationships that we as Christians must know, but I'll tell you about these later on.

First, I want to tell you some of the specific things that you will learn from this exclusive manual, the stuff that you can't get anywhere else......

How do you approach dating and relationships now?

Do you have a plan....some sort of method....or do you (like most others) just kind of "wing it", bouncing back and forth from one approach to another?

Or, do you just sit back and let things happen......never really seeing the results that you want?

I used to be that way myself.... but when I learned a few of the principles that I now teach in "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams", things changed immediately. Just like me, you'll learn to be able to:
    • overcome shyness in seconds (p. 52)

    • start a conversation that will have women dying to talk to you forever (p. 67)

    • control the conversation (p. 65)

    • drastically lower your chances of being rejected (p. 80)

    • use your attitude to its fullest potential for maximum dating and relationship success (p. 55)

    • tell whether she's in the mood to talk or meet new people (p. 79)

    • know exactly what steps you need to take in order to win over a woman (p.60)

  • use a rarely mentioned and extremely effective method of attracting the woman of your dreams from the pastor of the world's largest Church in Seol, Korea, Pastor Yonggi Cho (p. 23)

....Think for a minute of how just learning about these things would change your life.

You'd be able to increase your chances for success to a level that you never even thought possible before! Imagine just how amazed your friends and family would be to see the who you are going out with -- and all of the attention that comes just from that.

Testimonial #4:

After downloading the ebook I found it to be very informative. The ebook is over 100 pages and doesn't skimp on any detail.

I now feel more confident in approaching Christian women!

I must thank you for this excellent book!

Ivan, York, United Kingdom

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.....This is TRULY the ONE book that you need to read on dating and relationships for Christians!

This revolutionary manual will absolutely "blow your mind", and change your life and relationships.....FOREVER!

Forget everything that you've ever learned about dating and relationships up until now, because if it isn't specific, practical and based on the Word of God, it is worthless.

With all of the trouble in the world today coming from relationships...... divorces..... suicide..... depression..... the list goes on and on -- we MUST be sure that our relationships are founded on the Word of God, just like Matthew 7:24-25 says:

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
This manual "cuts through".... all of the
myths... hype... and false information

on dating and relationships in the world today

To be perfectly honest, Christian guys are in a difficult position right now, as

  • Non-Christians promote manipulative, lustful and immoral practices designed to seduce women and.....

  • the Church seems to be somewhat silent on the specifics - the "how to part" - of getting a wife or girlfriend
I know how frustrating it can be, having gone through every different dating and relationship situation that you can think of....having to learn the "hard way".....wishing that someone would give me some REAL, practical -- useful advice that actually worked.

I remember what I felt like before I learned exactly how to find the perfect woman for me....feeling.....

    • That most Christian women just pass you by everyday, totally uninterested

    • That you are the only single person left in your area

    • Frustrated by your friends or others you know who seem to always be able to find an amazing girl to date, virtually any time that they want

    • Unsure of how to approach and talk to women

    • Confused by the contrasting dating and relationship advice of Christians and non-Christians

    • Upset because you feel that non-Christian guys are the only ones who are able to get beautiful women

....if you've experienced similar feelings before, you're not alone.

But once I learned the practical and spiritual insights on how to find the woman of my dreams, it was like the clouds broke ....and the heavens poured out more than I could recieve in my dating relationships.

It was absolutely crazy. I had women literally chasing me down.....hounding my every step.

Some would leave notes on my car.....many would just "happen" to show up where I work..... I had so many women trying to talk to me at once that they would constantly interrupt conversations that I was having -- I mean, literally, stepping in between me and the person I was talking to....just to get my attention.

Other women would phone me up -- "out of the blue", even though I had never even talked to them before -- and ask me out.

Yeah -- they'd just phone and ask me out.....I didn't have to do anything!

Still others would have their friends talk to me.... telling me how much their friend liked me and what a "great couple" we'd make.

If I laid out an EXACT blueprint for you to follow and you got these kind of results....would you be EXCITED?

Of course you would be.
You'd probably be handing out my website address to everyone you know (once you got the woman of your dreams, of course).

The best part of this system, this exclusive manual, is that it doesn't take anything special to make it succeed......

This manual works no matter.....
    • what you look like.

    • how old you are.

  • what kind of job you have, or how much money you have.

All you have to do to get results is follow the "jaw-droppingly" easy techniques listed in "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams" -- that's it..... no special knowledge or ability is required.

"You Will Become a Real Man in the Eyes of Women"

This ebook is fantastic - especially the part on "How to be a real man."

It sounds really easy to be a real man... but honestly, who really knows what a woman think, or what she wants her man to be like? This eBook definitely tells you how women want men to be - including their expectations and so on.

Not only will you become a real man in the eyes of women, but you will also become a man with the true Christian meaning.

I would recommend this eBook to anybody - not only those who are looking for the woman of their dreams, but those who want to widen their perspective on life.

Nicolas, London, United Kingdom

I've spent a lot of time putting together all of these tried, tested and true that you can avoid the mistakes I've that you can save the time I've that you can avoid paying all of the money that I've invested -- all so that you can enjoy the "mind-blowing" results that I've enjoyed, so that you can get to the point where .......

Christian Women around you
will "Perk Up" and "Take Notice"
....... of YOU!

All of a sudden, your confidence will begin to soar.....women who were once "out of your league" before, will become the very ones who are desperate to date you.

Starting a conversation with a beautiful woman will no longer be stressful, but will be fun and will be a simple game to you, as she hangs on your every word.

Be Prepared: Other guys will become jealous..... and will come to YOU..... asking for your advice, as you learn to be one of the guys who always seems to get the prettiest woman's attention.

And best of all, you will do all of this while -- at the same time keeping and developing your integrity, purity and faith as a Christian.

I'll personally take you by the hand you "step by step"
how to become the man that will
have women hoping and praying
that you'll ask them out!

You'll learn some extremely rare techniques that will show you
in a powerful way......
    • how to let her know you're interested .....without ever saying a word!

    • how to ask her out in a way that dramatically decreases your chances of rejection

    • what to be "on the lookout" for in a Christian woman

    • what qualities Christian women look for in guys -- this one section alone will save you thousands of headaches

  • where to go to maximize the odds of meeting amazing Christian women

This is hardly even a fraction of all that you'll learn when you start reading this manual today…

If you use these techniques, you will drastically increase your chances of success with beautiful Christian women exponentially!


If you put the principles found in this manual to use, it will change your life forever.

You will walk with the confidence that you are destined to walk with.

You will crush all of your fears of lonliness.

You will become popular, gaining even more friends -- both men and women -- all without having to play any kind of political power games.

Would you like to find the woman of your dreams, or become the guy who can pick and choose -- almost at will -- any Christian woman that he wants?

Starting today, you can be on your way to becoming that guy when you get a copy of "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams", .....and so much more.

As if that isn't enough, I'm going to......
"Sweeten the Deal" even More Giving You:

3 Special Bonuses

To Help Increase Your Dating and Relationship Success
..... worth over $19.99 just by themselves!

I want to give you as much wisdom as I can to ensure your success in dating and relationships.

So, with that in mind, if you order "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams", on or I will give you access to the following 3 FREE Bonuses:

Special Bonus #1

Once you find the woman of your dreams, you need to know exactly how to keep her. You need to know what her needs are, and what you need to do to meet those needs......and every woman has her own, unique set of needs!

If you can master a few easy steps, you'll greatly improve your chances of continuing and growing your relationship with her.

Special Bonus #2

This bonus provides some answers to a few of the possible scenarios you could run into in dating and relationships such as wrong timing, misunderstanding the Lord's leading, and not choosing the best (or right) woman for your relationship.

This is an absolute "must read" for ANYONE in a dating and relationship season of their life, as it will help you protect yourself against heartache and heartbreak.

Special Bonus #3

This bonus provides you with 101 Romantic Ideas to get your "creative juices flowing" show her you care and are thinking about her.

Many of the ideas are extremely cheap and VERY effective.

"This eBook Stands out in the Crowd!"

If you are struggling to find and impress the woman of your dreams then ‘How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams’ is a perfect book for you.

The book is a perfect guide for someone who’s not very comfortable with women or who’s not so popular among women either because of his attitude, personality or some other factors.

The book covers all the principles required to transform a man into a perfect man. And two of the special bonuses cause this book to definitely stand out of the crowd.

Mike, Los Angeles, USA
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You don't have to decide right this second. Why not pick up a copy of "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams" now....try it out for 30 days......and watch and see if your success rate in dating and relationships increases!

If you're not happy, simply ask us for a refund, and we'll give you 100% of your money questions asked, no hassle.

I truly believe in this manual, and the techniques that myself and others have used -- with incredible results -- that I'm willing to take ALL of the risk!

You'll Learn Secrets that will have You
Shaking Your Head in Amazement!

The fact of the matter is, this is not some cheesy, 10 page booklet full of useless Christian pick up lines.

And it's definitly not some Super Technical, Hard to follow Theologocial Manual that will have you falling asleep before you get through the introduction.

How can I say this? Simply because I wrote this manual to be able to be read by a child, but be powerful enough to be used by a man.

As you've already seen, "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams" contains everything that you need for dating Christian women..... and it is the ONLY guide in print or on the web that combines practical techniques with spiritual principles for glorious results.

Just imagine how much your life will change, being able to...
  • start a conversation with ANY beautiful Christian woman.....any place.....any time

  • walk with complete confidence in not only dating and relationships, but life as well

  • attract the woman that YOU want

  • develop a "Magnetic Personality" that will have the women around you praying that you ask them out

  • know exactly when the best time to approach the woman of your dreams is

  • understand what Christian women look for in a guy

  • become more popular -- with both men and women -- and have more friends....without having to "suck up" to anyone

  • do all of this and strengthen and develop your relationship with the Lord at the same time

Don't Make Yourself -- or The Woman of Your Dreams -- Wait Any Longer!

If you get "How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams" right now, you'll get the 3 Special Bonuses and instead of charging you the regular price of $59.99,

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Ok. You know what? Just so that you know that I've really got your best intentions in mind.......I'm even going to throw in 2 other Bonuses that will help you IMMENSLY!!

2 MORE Special Bonuses

Special Bonus #4

In order to Find and Keep the Woman of Your Dreams, You will have to pray about it. There are no two ways about this. So, because of that, I'm going to give you a copy of one of the best books on Prayer EVER WRITTEN.

The book is called: With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. Andrew Murray wrote over 240 books in his lifetime, and was one of the most influential pastors and Christians of his day, leading a holiness revival in Africa.

Who better to learn how to pray from?

This copy of Andrew Murray's "With Christ in the School of Prayer"
is worth over $9.99 just by itself.

Special Bonus #5

This bonus provides some answers to a few of the possible scenarios you could run into in dating and relationships such as wrong timing, misunderstanding the Lord's leading, and not choosing the best (or right) woman for your relationship.

This is an absolute "must read" for ANYONE in a dating and relationship season of their life, as it will help you protect yourself against heartache and heartbreak.

So, now I've offered you over $40 in Special Bonuses, cut the price of the eBook IN HALF to $29.99 (from $59.99), and have given you an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - while offering you the ONLY guide written for Christian men on Dating and Relationships that combines practical, how-to advice, with the spiritual power and integrity that we have available to us as Christians.

If you're ready to have your life transformed forever, click the link below:

May the Lord's blessing be evident in your life.

Your Brother in Christ,

David King

P.S. - Guys, to be honest, I wish that I could have gotten a hold of this information a lot earlier in my life would have saved me a lot of frustration, headaches, and heartache.

Do yourself a favor, and develop your relationship with the Lord and learn exactly how to find the woman of your dreams!

P.P.S. - I can't guarantee that this price will remain this low for very much longer.... as it's current price is way too low. But I do want to get this information into your hands as quickly as possible.... so you can be on your way to getting the woman of your dreams, so while you still can!

Just a Couple More of the Many Testimonials We've Received:

From a Woman's Point of View:

I really liked the excellent way that the book combined the techniques of dating with biblical quotations and drew in relevent religious information. This helped to make the book relevant to Christians and helps them to realise that by learning about dating and how to find a woman, you do not have to abandon any of your religious beliefs. I especially liked the fantastic part about building confidence. There were a lot of extremely useful tips, things which were easy to apply and practise on a daily basis. This was definately the best book on Christian dating that I have ever read - full of loads of practical advice and tips. Rachel, Gloucestershire, UK

Rachel, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

From a Non-Christian's Point of View:

I often dislike books with Christ in their title. I usually think these eBooks and readings will tend to be preachy and therefore not entirely different from what your parsih priest will tell you (not to mention boring).

But this eBook dares to be different.

It gives you practical and well-needed tips and advice for life whether you're already in a relationship or just about to begin one.

I say this is a must have if want to live with love in your heart. And thanks to this eBook, I now know how to find the girl of my dreams.

Tyrone, Manila, Philippines

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